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Jeanne Cooper - Evil Abounds [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Jeanne Cooper [May. 9th, 2013|07:21 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]
[Current Music |Beauty of the Dawn-Malukah]

Really don't know if anyone on my f-list watches soaps [or ever have...], so really, if you don't wanna read this just move right along, 'cause there's nothing else to see here.

When I first heard the news--from the hubby, of course XD--that Jeanne Cooper had died, a part of me wasn't surprised, since I'd read just a few days before that her health was bad, but was sad all the same.

I started watching soaps...oh, when I was a teenager [in the 80's, so that should say something about my age to those that don't know it...LOL] 'The Young and the Restless' is the ONLY soap of those I'd started watching, that's still around. Jeanne Cooper's character, Katherine Chancellor, wasn't exactly a spring chicken when I first started watching her on Y&R. But that was okay, I *adored* her character, even at her snarkiest [and the fights with Jill...oh my...], and she was one of the rare "older" actorpersons that still got a fair amount of screentime. And in a genre that is...sometimes sadly...all about those young and pretty kiddies, it was amazing to see Katherine Chancellor still getting stories.

Now, there were gaps here and there, where I stopped watching for awhile. But, when I came back, Katherine was still there. It's really sad to think that once I catch up on my Y&R, that there will be no more Katherine. No more cute moments of her with her hubby Murphy. No more fencing with...well, pretty much everyone, but most especially her estranged son Tucker. No more of her [barely hidden] exasperation when Nicky comes crying to her YET AGAIN about how Victor cares more about his company than he does her [and GOOD LORD you just want to stand up with Katherine and shout at her--dump his ass and DON'T GO BACK THIS TIME!!--not that Nicky listened when Katherine *did* say that...]. No more fights with Jill [even though in recent years it's become more verbal sparring, it's still been fun to watch].

Your fans will miss you. I'll miss you. Rest well, and know you aren't easily forgotten.

Best links I've found so far here.

On a totally different tangent.... "Oblivion" is a great sci-fi movie. Yes, even though Tom Cruise is in it. Go see it if you like that sort of thing...but if you easily blubber like a baby [as I do], just be warned. Bring Kleenex. That is all.

[User Picture]From: bat_cheva
2013-05-10 03:23 am (UTC)
We looooooooooooooooooved Oblivion, despite the fact that Tom Cruise was in it. It takes a hell of a movie to make me not care about Tom Cruise, and this was that movie.
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[User Picture]From: evil_overlord
2013-05-10 06:02 pm (UTC)
XD Tom Cruise seems to do okay in sci-fi flicks. The hubby and I both liked 'Minority Report'. A lot.

Though the *one* quibble the hubby had about it though, was the controlling of the drones. LOL
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