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Timing is everything.... - Evil Abounds [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Timing is everything.... [Jun. 29th, 2013|01:22 am]
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I go hang out at one of the local yarn stores Friday evenings...if I'm not working. Did so today...more often than not some of us hanging out long after the store closes...tonight was no different. So, I'm pulling into the parking lot of our apartment at about 9pm. A FIRE TRUCK pulls up behind me [not into the lot, but next to it on the street], and the first-response guys are on their way in before I'm out of the car. So I get into the building, they're all clustered by the door down the hall from us.

Now, the guy that lives there is blind and deaf. BOTH of which I ended up informing the first responders of...apparently he has a 'lifeline', and it went off, and that's why they were there. Of course, they had NO IDEA how to communicate with the guy [and yes, one of them was trying to track someone down who could come to the scene to help them].

I knew the hubby did, so I offered to go get him. They said sure, and off I went. See, one of the times he'd taken Ebony out for a potty run earlier this week, he'd run into the guy's son, and they started talking, and the hubby learned just *how* they communicate. [basically from what I saw tonight, the guy cups his hands around yours when you sign...] And he's FAR BETTER with sign even now than I was even when we were trying to learn it, and I knew he could finger spell, and sure enough he started talking with our neighbor to explain what was going on. Of course *then* we learned that one of the EMTs [I think? There were like five people there...LOL], one of them anyway said that he could finger spell, and once he'd seen the hubby talk to the neighbor he knew what to do.

All of them were TOTALLY fascinated when they were first watching though, because all of them were like 'how the heck do you communicate with someone who can't see you?'. And though the neighbor didn't know why his lifeline alarm went off, they still had to go in and reset it.

And me, all I could think of was that if I'd gotten home five minutes earlier, I would have missed them totally, and they'd have NO IDEA why the guy kept coming to the door and then shutting it on them [because none of them were giving any indication that they were there because they had no idea he COULD NOT SEE them! Or hear them!]. If the hubby hadn't taken out the dog just when he did, and struck up the conversation that he did, he would have had no idea how communication with the neighbor actually occurred.

In the end the neighbor was perfectly fine, it was a false alarm, but still it's kind of amazing sometimes how things can happen just so and end up coming in handy.

[User Picture]From: amilyn
2013-06-29 07:25 pm (UTC)
VERY cool!
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[User Picture]From: evil_overlord
2013-07-06 08:53 am (UTC)
I *know*! And the whole thing is actually a really good lesson on the importance of knowing at least *something* about your neighbors....
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[User Picture]From: thistlethorn
2013-07-01 01:37 am (UTC)
Thank goodness you were there!

But...even MORE amazing: you guys have a DOG? I had no idea!!
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[User Picture]From: evil_overlord
2013-07-06 08:48 am (UTC)
We've only had Ebony about a year...she's....19 months old now? Will have to check with the hubby on that, we actually know when she was born.... XD She's a pure-breed black-lab [that the breeder dropped off at the Humane Society...probably because of the fact that she's got markings on her chest that Mike's heard from several sources since are a throwback to the lab's original coloration....] that took an INSTANT shine to Mike...as in, when we arranged to meet her, the lady she was boarding with brought her in, she took one look at him, and *lunged* for him. She still whines pathetically when he goes somewhere without her.

He originally wanted to rename her [Ebony being not overly original for a black dog], but then I reminded him of "Hey, Ebony Blade!!" [one of the named swords they have in Skyrim], so the name stayed. Of course, he mentioned in the future--since Skyrim also has ebony armors and stuff--that we should name our next dog [some time in the misty future when Ebony is gone] Daedric or something along those lines [another style of armor... XD] I laughed and said "okay"

At least we're *starting* to break her of the "oh a person it's a person must jump all over the person to show how much I love them!!" She's actually fairly small [and skinny still!] for a lab, her last weigh-in she was 53 pounds...there are times I miss when she was a puppy and could ride around on my lap, but she's still a good girl. Likes to tear things up, but hey everyone says that's NORMAL for a lab, and if it even *looks* like she's going for power cords she gets scolded [especially since one of the first things she chewed on when we got her is when she chewed the power cord for the heating pad in half. :P]. She's not *as* bad as she used to be, and my yarn now dwells in the bedroom that has the door closed when she's out and about [she's crate-trained], and the bathroom door stays closed as well because she likes to **cough** graze in the bathroom's trashcan and we got tired of pulling out feminine unmentionables from her butt. :P

It's been a different experience though, to come home from work and be BRIGHT AND SHINY!! As in, she acts like she's not seen me in FOREVER and greets me rather enthusiastically. *G*
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