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computers! :P [Aug. 13th, 2013|12:41 pm]
[Current Mood |busybusy]
[Current Music |Jordan Sparks-Battlefield]

Well then. My motherboard croaked....well, longer ago than I care to think about. Haven't been able to scrape the money together to replace it...every time we did, yeah, had to spend it on something else. [stupid microwave...**grumbles**]

Lo! A savior on the horizon! I now have a motherboard...positively MINIMAL RAM though, so about all I can do is websurf and listen to music [and that's only since I upped the virtual memory setting to 4 gig. XD]. Turns out that the power supply was *also* toast....thankfully the wonderifical guy that brought my new motherboard also brought a power supply....which doesn't *quite* have enough juice to run the video card properly [the spiffy new one we got when we thought it was the video card and not the motherboard. :P]. Between lack of RAM and that, I can't run any of my video games. **sniffles** BUT, I'm getting fun replacements...hopefully next month, if I get the time off I asked for. **crosses her fingers**. It's so WONDERFUL to be able to use my ergonomic keyboard again, and not have to worry about the stupid touchscreen that the laptop has [typing *anything* on that sucker's a trial, you have to watch where your mouse is, or else end up occasionally getting random letters in other words when you hit the touchpad just right. Wish there was a way to turn the frippin' thing off. LOL]

Of COURSE a new motherboard ended up meaning a new reinstall of Windows. :P Though the hubby used it as an excuse to give me the 64 bit version....LOL

It ALSO means that I have to reinstall everything. Again. CRANKY.

Especially since I now have to figure out how to get 'City of Heroes' installed so that I can view the demorecords...no hurry on that though, 'cause I doubt that I could do anything there either, until the final components of my computer are in. I'm not *too* worried about it, just have to find the post dealing with how to do it, 'cause yeah...COH is now gone. **sniffles and shakes a fist at NCSoft**

*acks* Just realized I have to ask the hubby how to get 'Total Annihilation Kingdoms' back on my comp, too....LOL Although...can't really install it until I get a DVD drive back anyway [the power supply doesn't have enough rails or something to have one....:P]

Trying to get through everything to make sure that everything's okay...so far so good. For once it wasn't the HD that barfed, so the hubby was able to Ghost an image of it so it's all cool.

Oh, and I have access to my icons again...LOL So I can change mine if I want to...**grumbles something about having to reinstall Photoshop** Just in time for Halloween too, yay!!! Oh, I really do need to get Photoshop reinstalled, so I can do a new gaming icon for Halloween....my former one doesn't work anymore. :(

On a totally different note, I've now done something I haven't since....oh gosh, was it 'Sixth Sense'? No, the first 'Iron Man'. I've seen a movie in the theater more than once! Of course it was 'Pacific Rim', and just as awesome the second time around as it was the first! My favorite thing about this movie...while it's about giant robots fighting giant monsters....during the actual fight scenes you can TELL WHAT'S GOING ON!! [yes, 'Transformers' movies, I'm looking at you!!!]. Though apparently the first time around I said my "form Blazing Sword" comment loud enough the girls sitting behind us heard me...and the hubby said it cracked them up. I didn't even notice. XD

Peggy is liking that I can sit at my computer now...my computer desk is actually a table, so there's room for her to sit between me and the keyboard. So she has been. ^_^ She can safely get attention without having to worry about The Lick Of Death from Ebony. XD At least Peggy's getting a bit more tolerant about that, though once she looked like a drowned rat by the time Ebony was done. hehehh

Okay, now the hubby's distracting me with Minecraft, so I should probably finish this up. XD Laters!

[User Picture]From: thistlethorn
2013-08-17 06:16 pm (UTC)
Oh, I hate having to reload everything ionto my computers. :-( My sympathies.

Wow--2 X in the theater for Pacicific Rim?? That DOES rate! Beean hearing good things abt Pacific Rim--action + relationship movie.
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[User Picture]From: evil_overlord
2013-08-20 06:52 pm (UTC)
It is! And the thing about 'Pacific Rim' is that it's more than just romantic relationships, too! xD [and despite what's been said about the movie...yes, there's mostly men, and yes, the men have more talkie going on than the women...but one woman was the OBVIOUS person in charge of their team's Jaeger--what the big robots were called, in case you didn't know--and the other helped save the world! I think that's pretty awesome, really]

The funny thing is...'Pacific Rim' didn't do as well in Japan as they thought it would. But not for the reason you think. The reason it *didn't* is that it premiered elsewhere *first*, and apparently a good portion of the Japanese actually went to great lengths to go see it as soon as they could...so by the time it hit Japan, most had already *seen* it! LOL

You get the chance to see this movie [which probably won't be 'til it comes out on video, I know...], see it! It's really awesome!
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