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11 September 1968
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Mini-biography? LOL

My life in the past has been like a soap opera and then some, and I'm not kidding here! LOL But with the kind of extended family *I* have, that's not surprising...*G* On the good side though, I have four siblings, one nephew [who's as blonde as his mother!] and my best friend's two little ones to oooo and aaahhh over. Life is good.

I tend to laugh a lot, even at stuff that's not funny to anyone else but me, I've got what you call a warped sense of humor. *G*

I learned how to knit when I was in high school, was taught by my art teacher at the time Doris Lemons [wonderful lady!]. Mostly because my Mom wanted a Fisherman's sweater [the kind with all the cabling all over the place on it] and she could never learn to knit herself. I still knit to this day [many years later! LOL], but Mom still hasn't gotten that sweater. **sheepish grin**

I discovered that I was not the only weirdo...err fan person....when I ran into two Star Trek fans at a local Waldenbooks. They were starting a local Star Trek club, and I showed up for the very first meeting. [my Mom had to take me, I was not driving yet....] I've been in fandom ever since, one way or the other.

I had a passing interest in dolls when I was a little girl, but a few years ago a friend of mine who shall remain nameless [David!] got me into Barbie collecting. Since then I have gotten a pretty large collection, most of which is hidden in boxes still, as I have no shelving yet to display them on. Save, of course, the girls I have on my monitor. And the ones sitting on the scanner. I have found, much to my chagrin, that while I really don't care about them in real life, where my dolls are concerned I have a passion for SHOES! LOL [and, as my husband teases me about constantly, if an outfit is shiny or has glitter all over it, I want it. *G*] The new Barbie bodies *rule*, but Mattel really needs to make more outfits for them....LOL And they seem to have improved the new "squishy belly" [what I call it, don't remember what Mattel calls it...LOL] too, she bends now and stays! **distracts herself a moment playing with her new Chair Flair Barbie** Much better than the Jewel Girl Teresa [which was the first to use the "squishy belly" as I recall....]

I fell in love with mailing lists, when I joined my first Jonny Quest one [which is also when I got heavily into the internet...LOL], and am now listed in several. Yet something else the hubby teases me for, as he does't know how I keep up.

**wonders how long she can make this**

My nickname Evil Overlord was actually given to me by my sister. ^_^ Working at a convention, I was registration chairman, and she was "one of your minions" as she liked to say. LOL That year all the areas had walkie-talkies for [hopefully] better communication, and the other chairs that had them were making up "radio names" for themselves. The sis insisted that I needed one too, so everyone there proceeded to try to think of one. I finally came up with "Overlord", to which she responded, "No, Evil Overlord!" And I've been using it as a handle since. LOL [although so far, the closest thing we've been able to get to it in sign language was "Evil All-controlling". Haven't found a sign for 'Overlord' yet. LOL]

One final word: if you've managed to read all the way down here, you know by now that I tend to ramble. Many apologies.

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